World Services LLC

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Systems Engineering

Our systems engineering solutions provide Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), ISO 9001, and ISO 20000 certified system lifecycles to include providing management, technical integration, design, implementation, and program assessments.

Our Approach

World Services administers product evaluation to ensure exceptional results. Our expert system engineers understand the importance of deploying mission-critical systems and technologies on behalf of our clients. They are knowledgeable on complex security policies, focused on alignment with existing architectures, and committed to the implementation and operational requirements. As a best practice, we meet one-on-one with stakeholders to determine their specific requirements and continue to meet and exceed those criteria throughout the project. World Services provides the following Systems Engineering Methodology (SEM) key services:

  • Develops and maintains IT Infrastructure Roadmap.
  • Provides IT Governance support for service planning, design, management, development, and deployment, operations, delivery assurance, and outsourced services migration.
  • Defines, develops, executes, and maintains a requirements management and analysis capability.
  • Conducts Analysis of Alternatives (AOA) support, technology evaluations, and assessments.
  • Assesses current and proposed architecture and design tasks.
  • Provides SEM management, technical integration, design, and implementation support.
  • Provides program management, assessments, analyses, and quality assurance support.

Benefits to our approach include: