World Services LLC

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A Message From The President

Build Together
Win Together.

I was inspired by the idea of building an organization where everyone loves what they do and takes pride in what they accomplish each day. Along with my team, we wanted to create a work environment that is more than simply “a means to a financial end.” Thus, World Services was born to fuel curiosity, creativity, intellect, and excitement in all of our people.

Our culture of change, creativity, diversity, and inclusivity is engraved in all aspects of how we think, communicate, and act daily. Our employees discover and develop bold and innovative ideas through constant collaborations and experiences. By operating under a flat organizational structure, we take a meritocratic approach to recognize and celebrate the creative ideas, diverse mindsets, capabilities, and performances of our people. We continuously set higher standards for ourselves, which drives our employees to excel. Our employees have the freedom to express themselves, contribute to our winning and supportive culture, and be part of a team.

At World Services, we learn together, build together, and win together.

At World Services, we believe that the team only grows when we grow individually. Therefore, we positively influence one another to be the best versions of ourselves as authentic, compassionate, and ethical professionals. Our employees openly communicate their professional needs and aspirations with leadership so that we can achieve them together. Fundamentally, our employees are the closest to our customers; therefore, we equip them with the knowledge, training, and resources needed to meet and exceed our customer expectations.

Trust is earned, not given. And we place great value in earning the trust and loyalty of our people, our partners, and our customers. Although we face new challenges each day, we endure and succeed due to our commitment to unwavering diligence, integrity, and team morale. We are confident in our innovative and cost-effective quality and competencies. Yet, humility is one of our most significant resources in creating and capturing value for our customers and communities. This is because humility allows us to acknowledge our shortcomings and work to overcome them. At World Services, we hold ourselves accountable for sharing extensive knowledge and innovative solutions with our customers while increasing the prosperity and nurturing the well-being of our people and communities.


At World Services, we learn together, build together, and win together.

– Shueyb Ali
President & CEO of World Services LLC