World Services LLC

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Scanning & Digitization

We implement our Scanning and Digitization Process to provide documents that are legible and searchable with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and pre-determined indexing.

Our Approach

World Services provides professional and high-quality document scanning and digitization services for government and commercial clients. We strive to assure compatibility with the most productive and effective document management system. Our scanning and digitization services allow our clients to obtain electronic documents faster and more efficiently. We offer the following capabilities:

  • Scanning up to 200,000 documents per day
  • Processing fragile documents using tools such as rotary scanners
  • Scanning documents as small as 1″x1″ to as large as 36”x48”
  • Scanning micrographics, personnel records, land records, inspection drawings, bound books, photographs, and maps
  • Employing strict document security, indexing, and handling procedures


We implement our robust Quality Control and Assurance procedures and review all scanned documentation to ensure our clients receive what they outlined in their requirements.

Benefits to our clients include: