World Services LLC

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Agile Process Implementation

We follow agile methodology to successfully implement development processes for our clients. 

Our Approach

World Services implements Agile development processes to improve business productivity. For each project, we develop an Agile Life Cycle Framework tailored to meet our client’s needs. Our Framework consists of a hybrid of key Agile components that allow product owners to innovate and implement repeatable and sustainable processes necessary to develop a successful product. Furthermore, we provide training and knowledge sessions that assist the product owner and users to deep dive into the who, what, how, and why they will be using the software.

World Services provides tested repeatable and successful meeting processes within the project planning and sprint phases to include daily scrum meetings, weekly stand-ups with project management and client stakeholders. We use a variety of Agile Process tools, such as Trello for project management, team management, and document management, JIRA software, and Bitbucket for development, maintenance, code review, and version control. We use Scrum and Waterfall methodologies during project planning to ensure our client’s satisfaction with consistent and continuous delivery of valuable software and products.

World Services provides clients with an Agile-certified team and equips the clients’ own team with the right skill set to implement our Agile development process. 

Our services: